JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- The city of Jacksonville is taking steps for its restaurants to be able to sell alcohol by the drink every day, including Sunday.

Mayor Gary Fletcher hopes it will bring economic development to the city.

“People really want to stay local and keep their money local but if you don't have those goods or services that they can get in your community then you have leakage of people leaving your community to go somewhere else to get it,” he said.

Tonya Ballou has lived in Jacksonville for 11 years. She agrees with city officials, more restaurants will help rebuild the city.

“You watch LR and NLR and they're booming and I think it would help Jacksonville a lot. Businesses will grow and that’ll bring more money for our schools and our streets, our streets are horrible,” Ballou said.

She said as long as the restaurants abide by and are strict on alcohol laws there shouldn't be any problems.

“I think it's fine as long as they watch children with fake ID's and things like that,” she said.

No final decisions have been made yet. It's a several month long process that'll lead up to a community election which will take place sometime this fall. Ballou said she wants bigger and better things for her children and the city of Jacksonville.

“I think more money with bringing alcohol in the restaurants, that's a promise,” she said.

Jacksonville City Council will be meeting periodically throughout the summer to finalize the "drink by the glass" plan. They hope to have ready for the community-wide vote in August.