LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - With less than two weeks until election day, there is growing tension over Issue 3, a ballot issue that is said to help job creation, job expansion, and economic development. Groups opposing the proposal have said that it would potentially be set-up as a sort of corporate welfare to private companies.

On Thursday, a small group against Issue 3 stood outside of the Pulaski County Election Commission today to encourage voters to think about voting against it. Tony Orr, who was one of the protestors, said it would be a gamble to pass this issue and it would be the taxpayers in Arkansas who would suffer most.

But Jobs for Arkansas, a supporter of Issue 3, maintained that the proposal is about one thing; creating jobs in the Natural State. Supporters also say the goal of the measure is to allow local governments more room to issue bonds for economic development projects.

In a statement, Jobs for Arkansas said, "Issue 3 will enable our cities and counties to fully participate in efforts to bring employers to our communities."

Governor Asa Hutchinson, Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge are among a large group of cities that have also thrown their support out for Issue 3.