LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- John Travolta wished the North Little Rock High School Theatre Arts Department good luck as they prepared to perform their final production of Hairspray.

"They were so excited. Thrilled," said Mike Noland with the theatre department.

Noland had reached out to a friend of his in the film industry who in turn reached out to Travolta to wish the kids good luck in a tweet or an email. Travolta did one better, he sent a short video to the students.

They posted the video to their Facebook page, along with their response to the video. They changed the words to a Hairspray song and did a song and dance number to thank Travolta for his act of kindness. That post got almost 600 reactions and over 300 shares.

"I didn't imagine it would blow up like this," said Noland, shocked that a newspaper wrote about the video. "It was just to make the kids happy that someone of that stature would reach out to them."

February 26 was the last performance of Hairspray for the year. It was also their last major musical production for the year.