Officer Brent Thompson is home.

He is buried on his family's land just outside Corsicana the same place where he played when he was a little boy.

"He was always happy and he started when he was a little boy,” said his mother Paulette Thompson.

Thompson's parents say the last year has been a journey through sorrow and pain and memories.

On July 7 they were watching TV and heard that a DART officer had been shot without anyone telling them they knew it was their son.

They rushed to Baylor hospital and into a room where their son had been taken.

“So they opened up the curtain and we looked and he was still warm. Had a mole on his check with little whiskers coming out and he looked so peaceful,” said his father Sam Thompson.

They wanted to hold him but couldn't.

His father said "I wanted to touch him and they said you can't touch him because he is part of crime investigation."

They left Baylor without Brent but into the waiting arms of community that quickly embraced them.

Thousands of dollars were raised in Brent's name in his hometown of Corsicana to help injured officers and for scholarships.

“There are so many positive things that have come from a negative thing,” said Thompson.

The tragedy didn't leave The Thompson's bitter but stronger in their faith and in their belief that there are more good people than bad.

"We had one person out of millions that did an unbelievable terrible act but just because he did that the next guy to him might be the best man in the world,” said Sam Thompson.

His parents say Brent loved his job, his family and his six children. They are his legacy.

He is the first to be buried in the family cemetery.

They say one day they will be buried here a long side him forever bound by love.