KENSETT, Ark. (KTHV) -- Tuesday's storm in White County wasn't fatal, but for the people who huddled together while the storm passed, it couldn't have been more frightening. We talked to two couples who, despite the damage, are all smiles.

"I heard those trees, crackling," remembers Joann Martin. "I said, Roy get in here, get in here."

This wasn't Martin's first brush with what could be a tornado.

"I've been in three," she joked, "I don't wanna be in no more." She knew what to do. "Mama always told me, get in a cupboard."

Her husband, Roy, has been through his fair share of storms.

"This one scared me a lot more than that other one did," he remembered. "I'm a grown up now, I was just a kid then. I can't express how it felt, it'll scare the daylights out of you."

Once the storm hit, "I was squatting down," said Joann, "on the tator box, I was leaning on his stomach, just saying Jesus, Jesus."

"We was both praying," added Roy.

Across the street, another couple opens up about what they went through.

"It sounded like a train times ten, times a hundred, it's crazy," explained James and Jessica.

"I started grabbing our animals," Jessica said.

They rushed over to their storm shelter.

"I hope I don't get spider bites," joked Jessica.

"I worried about the house blowing away," said James. "But by the grace of god everything turned out alright."

It turned out alright for most people here. They're alive and making the best of it.

After about an hour of sleep, Joann says, "we gotta wake up and get some McDonald's coffee, we don't have no electricity. We got our coffee and now we're out here."

Roy and Joann's home wasn't damaged, but their power is out. They said they'll go stay with family nearby if power doesn't get turned on soon.