KENSETT, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Kensett community is still standing strong and slowly rebuilding after last month's tornado swept through the town.

Sunday, homeowners took advantage of the nice weather and intent on making things new again. One resident is keeping a smile while pulling apart what was once his home.

"You can see, it came in the ceiling here. You can't see it now, but you could see the sky up there,” said Scott Luttrell.

Last month two tornadoes ripped through White County. It left Luttrell’s ceiling sitting on the floor. This community was shaken by Mother Nature’s wrath, but is still able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Luttrell recalled he and his granddaughter were preparing dinner before it all happened.

"She's five years old and is very scared of bad weather,” he said.

Little did either of them know, the tornado was only minutes away.

“She was throwing a fit to go over her grandmothers because there's a storm shelter over there”, said Luttrell. That fit may have just saved their lives. “I turned off the burner and we left. About 10 minutes later it hit.”

Nearly every other home in his neighborhood has similar, or worse, damage. Luttrell’s first tornado is now a lifelong memory. A tree dent in his ground serves as a constant reminder of what happened.


"It hit right here. You can see where it dug into the ground. It hit underneath my house and knocked all the brick loose,” said Luttrell.

"I was just glad that he still has at least a shell of a house,” said Bill Bradley, a family friend.

Neighbors down the road in Higginson are facing a similar clean up.

"It's amazing to me that Scott's house is still standing. There are some here that are gone or heavily damaged like the one we looked at back over there,” Bradley said.

If you want to get involved in helping this town rebuild, visit the Kensett Police Facebook Page for more detail.