LITTLE ROCK, Ar. (KTHV) — With the holidays comes time off, especially for kids who may be home from school for a few weeks.

If you or your child have some time to spare, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to give back this year.

“It gives you that joy of hope and knowing that you’ve helped somebody,” Salvation Army’s Michelle Scroggins said. "Christmas is moreso our biggest time of the year.”

Nonprofits like the Salvation Army need all the help they can get, especially in their soup kitchens.

"We're always looking for volunteers to come serve. We have a two meals a day breakfast and dinner,” Scroggins said.

Michelle Scroggins said volunteering in the kitchen is kid-friendly, too.

"It helps us put more money back in to our budget. It helps us save money, to get those volunteers to come in and fill those slots that we may not be able to staff,” she said.

Kids can also help out at local thrift stores like My Favorite Thrift Store in North Little Rock to help sort through clothes for a good cause.

"Our help is your help and we appreciate all the help we can get,” My Favorite Thrift Store Owner Jonathon Neighbors said.

The store benefits other nonprofits like Youth Home by helping children with mental disabilities and mental abuse.

“This is one place that really touches home for me. Some kids that just go to school on a regular basis, they go to the same districts that you go to that I live in. It’s those kids that just don’t learn as fast as we do,” Neighbors said.

He said volunteers can sort through clothes and help clean the store.

"By coming in and helping us to make more money for them it gives them a better chance to have a better amount of career, have a better education, have a better future,” Neighbors said.

Kids can also easily clean up one of Little Rock's 63 parks while out with their families.

“We will give them rakes and trash bags and those litter pick up sticks and they can walk around the park with their parents with their dog and pick up trash,” Karen Sykes with the Parks and Recreation Department said.

She said you can contact the parks and recreation department for more information.

“We love for volunteers to come out into our system and help us. That’s one less thing we have to deal with that day,” Sykes said.

If you have time to spare in the next few weeks, donate that time to doing good.

"This is the season of giving and love. Reach out find somebody in your community that needs you and give them a reason to be merry,” Neighbors said.