LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A lawsuit has been filed against the building owners who allowed the Power Ultra Lounge club to operate. The lawsuit also names the club manager.

The lawsuit by attorney Josh Gillispie alleges that 6th & Center LLC and club manager Herman Lewis were negligent by allowing Power Ultra Lounge to operate despite numerous incidents involving police.

Gillispie said the club was allowed to remain open "despite 48 police incidents in just two years." Of those 48 incidents, he claimed that ten of them were violent crimes.

"The defendant's refusal to address repeated criminal activity and improve their security efforts led to 28 people being gunned down or otherwise injured and made to suffer physical, emotional, and financial trauma and loss," Gillispie said.

His client was among those injured. In order to escape the gunfire, the client jumped from a second story window.

"My client fought for his life when a nightclub turned into a war zone," Gillispie said. "He missed two weeks of work while he was recovering and continues to suffer emotional distress due to the incident."

The attorney is seeking compensatory damages for his client, which includes medical expenses and lost wages.