LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Wednesday the community gathered for a vigil in hope of answers in one of Little Rock's most recent homicides.

21-year-old Tanisha Roby was found dead in a trailer park early Saturday morning. Mercy Church, where family and friends gathered tonight, is right across the street from that trailer park on Scott Hamilton Drive in Southwest Little Rock.


Police said at first they weren't sure how Roby died, but are certain now that this is a homicide.

“Whatever the case may have been, it couldn’t have been that bad to where they wanted to take her life,” said Ashley Thomas, Roby’s sister.

Roby was a young and talented woman and she had her entire life ahead of her.

“If your child's grades were dropping and you needed help with tutoring, everyone knew to call T,” Thomas and other relatives said.

Her family told us she loved kids and was studying to be a nurse, but she also had interest in pursuing a degree in Education. Plus, she just got a new job. Unfortunately, that job is the last place where she was seen alive.

"My sister was calling me and asked was she not home yet. I said no she isn't here yet. She normally gets here around 11 maybe 11:10,” said Thomas.

She said her sister was supposed to get off around 10 p.m. last Friday night, but got off a little early. Roby was last seen leaving Food Wise on Baseline Road around 9:30 p.m., but she never made it home.

“It couldn't have been to rob her because she just started working there,” Thomas said.

After waiting and searching for hours, the family filed a missing person's report around 2 that Saturday morning.

“The only thing that's really getting me is that they won't give us any information,” said her sister.

Police are not releasing the cause of death or any suspect information at this time because the case is still under investigation.

"She was just thrown out like trash. It’s a lot of things that aren’t making sense,” Roby said.

Her family and those who loved her are now left with no clues, answers, or idea of anyone who'd want to hurt her.

"She really doesn't like altercations, so if she was trying to walk away why not let her walk away,” family members said.