LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Two weeks after a fire destroyed part of the playground at Gibbs Elementary, Captain Lear-Sadowsky with the Little Rock Fire Department said investigators are still looking for the person who torched it.

"They have a lot of plastics in the material in the slides which is very easy to burn," he said.

A melted awning, mangled metal, and memories are all that's left after part of the Gibbs Elementary playground was set on fire. It happened on July 21. Since then the Little Rock Fire Department has released surveillance footage of the event.

"There's four separate videos that show various people coming in and out of that scene," he said.

Captain Lear-Sadowsky said the surveillance video has led to some clues about what happened and who was involved. However, the fire marshal still needs the public's help tracking down the people of interest.

"The fire marshal is continuing to work on that and they're in the process of tracking down individuals who were identified in that video," he said. "The fire obviously was started somehow. We're just trying to determine the intent of the fire or the intent of the people involved."

The Little Rock School District said crews will be replacing the impacted area soon and hope to have the playground restored by the time school starts.

Anybody with any information or tips can contact the Little Rock Fire Department at (501) 918-3710 and reference Gibbs Elementary.