LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - In the past two days police in Little Rock have seen a double shooting and two aggravated robberies. All three of the crimes involved teens committing the acts, something that has the Little Rock Police Department concerned.

Lieutenant Steve McClanahan said on Sunday morning two teens were found shot in a stolen car. Police arrested two 16-year-olds connected to that case.

Then at midnight, three teens robbed two convenience stores at gunpoint. The teens first stop was Freeway Gas on Baseline Road. Police say 3 black males demanded money and fired two shots at the workers.

Then at 12:38 a.m. they made their second robbery attempt at Asher One Stop.

One of the suspects tried to go into the gas station office, but the employee went to shut the door. That's when the suspect shot at him. The suspects fled the scene, but came back twice to try and get into the office.

“In the latter part of last year compared to this time last year as far as crime in general, it's gone up," McClanahan said. "We're seeing a trend where young people are being shot or being victims of a homicide.”

Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner said crimes involving teens has become an all too disturbing pattern in the city. He said those crimes are increasing among black male teenagers, especially in violent crimes.

He wants parents to start being more involved with their kids and know what they're doing and where they're at, at all times.

“We can't expect the church, we can't expect the school system, and we can't expect the police department to solve these long historical standing problems that we're having,” Buckner said.

McClanahan said stopping violence and crime at an early age could help decrease crime in the future and the easiest way to prevent that is good parenting.

Little Rock police are asking community members to come forward with ideas to help stop the crime being committed among teenagers. They say they already have some programs in place, but they're open to any new ideas.