LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Recent drive by shootings have the entire city of Little Rock concerned.

Tuesday’s latest incidents involved a 7-year-old boy who was shot in the arm while playing outside in his yard. And later Tuesday night, a woman driving east on I-30 was struck when several gunshots hit her car.

Police want you to attend upcoming meetings in hopes of finding possible solutions.

Chief Kenton Buckner told us the purpose of these conversations are to stay connected with the community, while local churches are urging their congregations to pray for peace.

“Public safety is not a spectator sport. You have to get on the field, you have to get involved,” said Buckner.

The entire community can agree on one thing, crime is an ongoing concern. Everyone is going back to the drawing board.

“Prayer still works. We have to pray to God to help us and assist us,” said Apostle KD Allen.

“Parent involvement has to be the key. These kids are on autopilot, they're raising themselves,” Bishop Charles E Williams said.

Buckner admits this is all a frustrating pattern.

“There's probably 10-20 individuals that we believe are responsible for this conflict that continues to play out in gun violence,” he said.

The police department encourages all area residents to attend upcoming meetings and be a part of a two-way constructive conversation.

“If I'm defining what success is that doesn't help them. Some of the things I have on my to do list may have not made their list. I want to be aware of some of the things they're actually wanting from police,” said Buckner.

Community involvement continues to be a struggle. These local pastors are pleading for cooperation.

"If you know anything or any thug who is glamorized by the things he does tell police. I don't call it snitching, I call it being a good citizen. Expose these thugs and get them out of our community,” Williams said as he looked directly into the camera.

He thinks young people in the city lack purpose and that individual accountability is needed.

“I’m challenging all pastors and churches to spend this day in prayer, and days to come. Pray that we bring an end to this violence,” said Allen.

If you live in the areas where these crimes are happening, say something if you see something. There are ways to give anonymous tips. Thursday’s chat takes place at 6 p.m. at Thompson Library, 38 Rahling Circle.