UPDATE-- The Little Rock Police Department has fired two recruits, Brandon Gurley and Brandon Schiefelbein, for an inappropriate post on social media.

ORIGINAL-- The Little Rock Police Department are investigating two separate incidents, which includes a social media post from 2013 made by a police recruit that used a racial slur.

In a letter to Chief Kenton Buckner, the Little Rock Black Police Officers Association said a current recruit posted a picture on Facebook of a black man sleeping with the caption "Go night night n****. Go night night" in June 2013. The group called the post "very careless, distasteful and demeaning."

The executive board of the group stated in the letter that they will not "sit silently and allow" the City of Little Rock to "unfold a welcome mat for this recruit." They cited the hiring of Josh Hastings, who was found liable for the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old, as the beginning of a "fractured relationship" with the LRPD and the African American community of Little Rock.

"The recruit's post only exacerbates the current concerns of the African American community," the letter stated. "There is a legitimate belief within the African American community that this current administration is not willing to initiate opportunities to regain trust and build partnerships with its community members."

The letter also alleged that an inappropriate photo was posted on the wall of a police department building. In the photo, a stick figure holds a gun to the back of a person's head with the caption, "Don't touch our glass".

In response to the letter, Buckner "immediately" ordered an Internal Affairs Investigation into both allegations. Police expect the investigation to be completed sometime next week.