LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Little Rock Police Fundraiser Foundation is raising funds that aren't in the budget for the police department.

Timothy Anderson, chairman of the LRPD foundation said, “We’re not about squad cars and bullets, we're about people and their programs.”

The funds will come solely from private donations and public grants.

Ander said this will help the department reach their full potential to keep the city safe, “if the Chief says I need a bomb sniffing dog for the airport then let's go get him one.”

Extra canine officers and mounted patrol are options that weren't there before but now they’re possible.

Spanish courses for officers is another addition wanted, “we need to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the Latino community and say we want to help you but we have a language barrier and that's no good.”

Chief Buckner said adding funds to their kids summer camp is also needed, “last year we had 80 kids that attended that camp, we'd like to be able to do 100-200 kids and rather than having it for one week we may be able to do it for three weeks. That's that many more young people who have an opportunity to have a connection with us.”

He said engaging the people of Little Rock in activities that lift the city will help with overall crime, “it's a better quality of life for everyone whether you live here, work here, you play here, you visit here. Everyone should have invested interest in seeing a safe city.”