LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- An increase in shootings has police concerned, but they said there's nothing they can do when the victim and suspect are missing from the scene.

Officer Moore, with the Little Rock Police Department said the last few weeks and months the city of Little Rock has seen several homicides and several people shot.

“We've also had numerous shootings where we know shots were fired, we found shell casings, we've had witnesses say somebody was chasing somebody down the street, but we have no victim and no suspect,” Officer Moore said.

Police said there's two reasons people won't come forward.

“Sometimes both parties are shooting at each other and if they're just being shot at and running and they know if they talk to the police we're going to ask them a bunch of questions,” Officer Moore said.

Even when shooting victims are at the hospital and police are called out, they still get shut down.

“You say hey what happened to you and they said I don't know or I'm not telling you what happened to me,” he said.

If this continues police said so will the crime.

“These numbers keep multiplying and we keep having these shootings and if we don't get this cooperation how are we supposed to help stop this,” Officer Moore said.