Attorneys have upgraded the charge against a Little Rock woman accused of killing an infant in a car crash last year.

For the last year, the family of 1-year-old Devon Lazarus said the charges against the woman who drove through the family's home and ultimately led to the death of Devon weren't harsh enough.

But on Monday, those charges were upgraded.

In November 2016, Devon was sleeping in his crib when a vehicle crashed through the home and struck the sleeping child, who later died.

Back in August, Lucinda Edwards-Harris was charged with misdemeanor negligent homicide. At the time, Devon's father Chris Lazarus said the charges were "not fair."

"I promised him whenever I buried him, he would see justice,” he said.

Edwards Harris' trial was set to begin next week, but the misdemeanor charge was upgraded to felony manslaughter.

"To [see the] look on her face, the charges, manslaughter charges, no longer misdemeanor. I believe I can go into the New Year with that,” Lazarus said after the court appearance.

The prosecuting attorney's office said they weren't releasing information on why the charge was upgraded. They said the case is ongoing and don't want to reveal any information that could interfere with that investigation.

"In a way I'm numb, but in a way I want to smile," Lazarus said. "There's still the chance that she could walk. So it's all up for the upcoming courts. As of right now, I'm happy.”

Edwards-Harris wasn't taken into custody after the court appearance. Her attorney argued she's not a flight-risk.

Her trial begins May 15.