LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- With a heart for the homeless, one 20-year-old from Little Rock felt called to help those on the streets weather the storms.

According to a 2016 government study, there are about 2,500 homeless in Arkansas. So far, Torey Harrison has had 180 umbrellas made, with plans already for another shipment. Each reads "Under His Umbrella."

That's the name of the new organization she felt she needed to start.

"Hi," Harrison said as she handed out an umbrella. “It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. We’d like to give you an umbrella."

"It beats getting drenched in the rain,” said John Peterman.

In November, Harrison was driving home to Little Rock when she saw a man in the pouring rain on the street.

“I felt the stabbing feeling to go back and do something for him," said Harrison

He rejected her offer of a $10 bill.

"I was like ‘well there’s something else I had to do’ and I had two umbrellas in my back seat so reached back and got one and handed it to him and the biggest smile appeared on his face," said Harrison.

Then, she knew the impact an umbrella could make.

“I want them to know that the umbrellas will shelter them from the elements outdoors but God is their main umbrella," said Harrison.

In a short few months, more than $2,000 have been raised to create "Under HIS Umbrella.”

“All we can do is show them that we love them," said Harrison.

She's already handed out more than 100.

“I did not know it would get started this fast but, I hope to spread throughout the country and get umbrellas in every state," said Harrison.

She has almost run out of her first order of umbrellas, but has no plans to stop. To donate to her fund click here. To get involved you can also visit the “Under HIS Umbrella” Facebook page.