LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Safety is a major concern for one Little Rock man after a startling incident near the War Memorial golf course.

11 listens, worked to get answers about errant golf balls along the busy road because he feels it could put motorists and pedestrians at risk of getting hurt.

If you drive along west Markham you're likely to see the 90 acres, 18-hole golf course. But it's what Walter Galloway didn't see coming that left him in an unpleasant situation.

"I was driving down the road in the center lane, saw an orange golf ball fly from the top right corner of my windshield and busted the left side of my windshield," he told us.

Galloway was on his way to pick up a soldier at the VA. He said he was ok but couldn't help but think about the veterans who travel the road daily. “A lot of vets have PTSD and something like that could have shocked them enough to where they yanked the steering wheel, cause a car wreck, hit a pedestrian, hit a kid,” he added.

As for his truck, Galloway said he learned he'd have to pay for the damages himself because the city owns the park but believes the city should’ve been held liable.

"It is an unfortunate situation; however, the city of Little Rock is a municipality. We have immunity so we're not responsible for paying for the damage,” said Lamor Williams, the communications director for the city of Little Rock.

Williams said while there was another incident in mid-July, it is a rare occurrence. Prior to these two incidents, he said it's been six years since anyone reported a golf ball hitting a vehicle. "We always want people to be safe and we want to be as safe as possible so we are concerned and we are considering signage to alert people the possibility," said Williams.

Though both the public works and parks department is working to develop the signs soon, Galloway said he's planning to take another route.

"I'm not driving on this road no more. I paid too much money for my truck to keep getting damaged and that startled the crap out of me. I'm just going to drive down 630 from now on," he said.

After speaking with Galloway, we've learned that the city has installed two signs. One at the corner of Markham and Taylor and the other near the intersection of Fair Park and Markham. As for netting, we're told it would be a difficult task and has not been deemed to be a viable option for the area.