LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - One woman in the Little Rock Police Department is making history. She tells us why she's special to the department.

Crystal Haskins is the first African American woman to become a lieutenant over the Little Rock Violent Crimes Unit, Homicide Unit and Victim Services Unit.

She's been doing some administrative work recently, but she said she is very happy to be back on the scene. To come back as a lieutenant.

“I'm vicariously living my dream through the guys and girls on the unit. So I'm super excited about it,” Haskins said.

Lieutenant Haskins said she's excited to have the opportunity to be out in the field again. She likes piecing things together and figuring out why people do the things they do.

“All of my predecessors have been males and they've all done a great job. So I have some pretty big shoes to fill coming behind them, but I'm up for the challenge,” Haskins said.

Lieutenant Haskins said she wants to be an example for people who may be looking into joining the department. And that they can advance into many different roles and there are several different career options.