LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A Little Rock Shelter is running low on food donations as more and more people stop in to grab a meal.

The Compassion Center serves three meals a day, 365 days a year. It is one of the only shelters in Little Rock that stays open during the holidays.

This year, the center has seen a spike in people coming in for food and now needs more donations to stay open on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"We'll feed right around 800 meals on Thanksgiving day," Compassion Center CEO William Holloway said. "With all the people we have come in, Thanksgiving we'll go to 150 to 175 turkeys, most of that comes out of our own kitchens prepared."

Holloway said the shelter needs about 400 turkeys to get through the next two months. This past year has been the busiest, so food is running low.

"A lot of people this year got cut off of food stamps, so we're going to see a few more cut off food stamps,” Holloway said.

Holloway said the shelter is worried it won't be able to feed everyone that walks through the door if they do not get enough donations.

“We are up two to three hundred meals every holiday, and then the Friday and Saturday and Sunday it stays up there, too,” he said.

Holloway said this time of year is also tough on families.

"A lot of the people that work around here are what we call the working poor. They have part time jobs. During that holiday season, people are laid off.,” Holloway said. “If you've got a family of three or four people and you're only getting 25 hours a weekend, that is not a lot to live on."

But to ensure families have a meal this holiday season, more donations need to be made.

"Without them we couldn't do this work. We don't get any government money whatsoever," Holloway said.

To make a donation to the Compassion Center, you can call the office at 501-296-9114.