LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV)- A crime tied to the cold: thieves targeting your car when you warm it up in the driveway.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis with the Little Rock police said the thieves are looking for puffs of warm exhaust pouring from car tailpipes, then snatching the idling cars.

"It's a prime opportunity for someone who's looking to steal a vehicle because usually the door is unlocked and the key is in the ignition."

Just this week, police say three vehicles were stolen while left running. One of those stolen vehicles was Evelyn Moseley's brand new 2015 Toyota Camry.

"My daughter always gets in the car kind of before us and so she was in there waiting for my husband to get ready to take her to school and she got hungry, so she ran in to get a bagel and just grabbed it and then she and my husband walked out the garage door and they said the car was gone."

This was a scenario that Moseley admits she never thought would happen at her home.

"I'm shocked, that's courage in a sense that they would just do that, that time of the morning."

Police say within the same hour another car was reported stolen off Ranch Ridge Drive in west Little Rock.

Sgt. Davis says it was a black two door pick-up that was left running unattended.

"They are watching common practices and they take advantage of those."

Investigators think the thieves who stole these cars use them to commit other crimes or take valuables from them.

Moseley says thankfully they didn't get away with everything.

"They were definitely looking for stuff maybe wallets or phones. We weren't that ready to go so that stuff was not in there."

Mosley's car was found abandoned later that morning, still running.

Police also sent out a notice to several neighborhoods in the area to look out for a white commercial van that may be tied to the thefts.