SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - Local groups in Arkansas are doing their part to assist with disaster relief in Houston.

A group of volunteers from That Church in Sherwood packed up Tuesday and are on their way.

This isn't their first time helping first responders after devastation. While they're prepared for anything, they still aren't sure what to expect.

"I had a friend of mine, who's a pastor in Houston, reach out to me and say they had folks who needed some help,” said Pastor Scott Harness.

Tropical Storm Harvey is continuing to take its toll on Houston residents.

“The rain won't let up, and the town and neighborhoods just keep getting flooded more and more,” Al Graham said, one of the volunteers.

“We have about 20 people going down,” said Harness.

He knows disasters like these are detrimental, but think they often open doors for special work to be done.

“There's such a great opportunity for us to step in the gap with a group of people in a time where there's lots of controversy. We can love on people, and suddenly the differences go away,” said Harness.

Volunteers will be in Texas until Friday or longer.

“We have an area where we're going to set up our base camp, the channel where a lot of the rescue effort is happening. We'll drop our boats in the water and start a rescue mission, whatever comes at us we'll be ready for it,” Graham said.

When they arrive, Graham said they plan to link up with local authorities, assess damages and crank up their boats.

“We're going to take a large tank that holds 100 gallons of gas plus several 5 gallon mobile containers. We'll fill those up, take them down and figure out where the supply line ends,” he said.

That Church will continue to send small groups back and forth to Texas as they are needed, so if you want to get involved in any way visit their Facebook page for more info.