LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Lots of Arkansas natives have been seen on popular reality and game shows lately.

One special mother-daughter pair participated in television version of the popular video game Candy Crush Saturday night.

“My mom and I love Candy Crush, I got her addicted to playing the game,” said Cyrene Quiamco.

"I went up to level 2,000” Christine Ganzon said, Cyrene’s mom.

Their overnight stardom started with a Facebook post advertising the show.

"I saw the post, so I emailed them and told them that my mom and I are big fans of Candy Crush and would like to be on the game show,” said Quiamco.

The very next day she got the email of a lifetime. Quimco and her mom were chosen to compete.

"Right when I was about to reply to the email, they called me,” Quiamco said describing her experience.

Candy Crush, the television version, is a live action game show based on your favorite mobile app.

“They told me they wanted us and loved my mom and I, saw our videos and thought we were cute,” said Quiamco.

The producers of the show loved the chemistry between mom and daughter and asked both to be a team.

“When we first got there we were so amused by the big, gigantic arena,” Ganzon said.

She never thought she'd like playing games on her phone and had no idea it would lead her family to Los Angeles. To play Candy Crush you must match three candies in a row.

"I think they broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest touch screen, it was huge. I think it was about two stories high,” said Quiamco.

The large interactive game board contestants play on is just a larger version of what you use to play on your phone. Not only do pairs have to play the game, they go through a series of physical obstacles.

“The prize is $100,000. You should watch the show to see if we won or not,” Quiamco said.

Little Rock native Cole Medders will appear on Survivor later this month, themed Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. The show premiers September 27.

“My day to day life is based out of my car, I live in my car. It gives me the freedom to go, it’s a choice. It gives me the freedom to go wherever I want and do whatever I want with zero responsibilities and bills to pay,” said Medders.

And there’s one more Arkansas reality star that is competing right now. Raven Walton of Devalls Bluff is among the final people still in the Big Brother House.