LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – News Director Dave Parker announced this week that longtime Anchor and Meteorologist Tom Brannon will leave THV11 later this year.

Tom has been an integral part of the THV11 family since 1996. He started as weekend meteorologist and weekday feature reporter, but after two years, he joined the “Today's THV This Morning” team and has been part of that show for the past two decades. The show gained extreme popularity as viewers got to know him because of his endearing relationship with his co-anchors.

His co-anchors of what is now called “THV11 This Morning” have included Robyn Richardson, Myke Motley, B.J. Sams, Alyson Courtney, Charlie Crowson, Melissa Dunbar-Gates, Ashley Blackstone, Alyse Eady, Laura Monteverdi, Rob Evans, …and of course, his buddy, “Joey The Garden Cat.”

“I often describe Tom as one of the hardest working people in local TV, “ News Director Dave Parker said. “His dedication to the viewers and people in central Arkansas is unbelievable. The THV11 team will miss Tom, but we are happy for him and his family.”

Tom's love for his home state of Arkansas is known by everyone he meets; it is perhaps most evident in his work for the community. He helped lead the “THV11 Summer Cereal Drive” for the last 17 years, doing much of the behind-the-scenes legwork to make the drive successful every year. The event, which is the longest-running food drive in the state, helps keep children in need fed during the summer months.

He is known as much for his philanthropy as he is for being a meteorologist.

Tom has logged countless hours at THV11, working to keep Arkansans safe during severe weather. It was actually a tornado in his hometown of Cabot in 1976 that helped launch his passion for weather.

It is not uncommon to see Tom leave the station in the afternoon, only to return a few hours later to work overnight as storms roll in. He has covered a number of very severe storms, including a F-4 tornado in March of 1997 that touched down in Arkadelphia and continued a swath of damage into the Little Rock area. It was the strongest and deadliest outbreak in almost 30 years, and Tom and Chief Meteorologist Ed Buckner were live for eight hours straight, tracking the storm street-by-street.

Ed noted, “He is always ready, always willing, and always able to help his fellow Arkansans.”

Tom looks back at his career with pride, as does his THV11 family. He said, “It has been a phenomenal almost 22 years. I have had the honor and privilege of working with some really special and talented people. I will miss the viewers and seeing my coworkers every day. Thank you for your love and support.”

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