LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Israel Choxon’s wife said he was a caring, loving father to his one-year-old daughter. Friends and family visited the house Tuesday, leaving flowers and a cross on the side of the driveway where the attack happened Monday night.

Choxon was bringing home diapers from the store when he was attacked outside of his home on Stanton Road by an unknown man. Family members say they saw the man attack Choxon with his face covered with a white t-shirt.

Lieutenant Steve McClanahan with the Little Rock Police Department said they believe it was a random, senseless homicide with the goal of stealing Choxon’s car. He said there was a struggle between the two men, with the suspect pulling Choxon out of the car and shooting him.

Police said he stole Choxon's car and escaped with it after the shooting. Police are working to locate the vehicle and the man. The vehicle is a tan to light brown mid-2000's model Nissan Maxima and it was last seen going north on Stanton Road. Police say It has possible damage on the right rear door and fender.

“I think the car is what’s going to be the key to solving this case because often times, when people steal a car, they leave some kind of DNA or evidence in the vehicle we can process,” said McClanahan.

He also mentioned that these types of crimes are not common. He says that while this happened in southwest Little Rock, it’s important not to stereotype the area.

“Southwest had the lowest crime last year and I think it is on track to have the lowest crime so far this year as well,” said McClanahan.

But regardless of where these crimes occur, he said police need your help to solve them and prevent them.

“We need the public to help us,” said McClanahan. “I’ve said this time and time again that problems in crime are not just police problems.”