LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The last time there was a Lowe's in Little Rock was in 1988, but November 2, that's going to change.

Store Manager of Little Rock Lowe’s, Charlie Brashers said they can’t wait to open to the public.

“We're back in Little Rock, this is our first new store in the state in over ten years, and our first new store in our region which encompasses seven states in five years,” he said.

With Lowe's opening soon that means more traffic at Bowman and Kanis, but these streets are already congested enough throughout the day. Business owners in the area said adding lanes on both sides will help with traffic and time.

Robert David, general manager of Arkansas Skatium and Ryan Vaughn, Instructor at ATA martial arts, said they're ready for a change in lanes.

“We don't like to leave at noon and we don't like to leave at four or five,” David said.

“Going down Kanis when it turns into two lanes, it's pretty crowded sometimes,” according to Vaughn. “It's difficult to get down the street, usually our parents get in later a lot of the time because of traffic,” he said.

“Usually you're at Financial Blvd. or whatever that street is coming off the interstate, usually the line starts there just to get into our parking lot, so usually that's our biggest complaint is how long it takes to make a right turn coming off the interstate,” David said.

Vaughn said despite the expected increase in traffic, they're happy to see more businesses coming to the area.

“We're really excited they came to our neighborhood and we're hoping that we can maybe go over there sometime and maybe set up a booth and give information to all their new customers and let them know about us right across the street,” he said.

Brasher said he was told that the city is looking into adding more lanes but of course the more complaints they have the more likely the city is to look into the traffic problem.

The new Lowe’s opens November 2 at 10 a.m.

Lowe’s address:
Lowe's of West Little Rock
1100 S. Bowman Road
Little Rock, Arkansas