LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Thieves have targeted another Little Rock pharmacy; however, this time they were not successful.

Little Rock pharmacies have been taking extra precautions, after five Arkansas pharmacies were robbed last year and 56 others had nighttime break-ins.

So far this year, there have been 57 night break-ins and three armed robberies at pharmacies in Arkansas.

Quickly, pharmacists are learning what works and what doesn't when it comes to safeguarding their businesses from thieves.

"We showed up Saturday morning, and there was a rock on the sidewalk. The glass was busted out. There was glass all throughout the store, and on the sidewalk," said Philip Way, a pharmacist at the Remedy Drug on Markham Street.

"We found that three men tried to break in to the store. They kicked on our gates and kicked the glass out and tried to enter, but they couldn't get in," Way said, adding "they were here less than a minute and realized they couldn't get through those, so they left."

Way said they knew they'd need multiple levels of security when they opened four years ago.

"We realize we have something people want. So we have multiple security measures including the gates. They go all the way across our store. And act as a physical barrier."

Last July, Little Rock pharmacies were again on high-alert after someone robbed the Express Rx Pharmacy on Cantrell Road and got away with $1,100 worth of Schedule-two narcotics.

Those drugs, of course, are worth much more on the street.

Something pharmacists know and fear.

"Our state is taking precautions to limit the number of narcotics that hit the street. So, as regulations are tightened through the medical and pharmacy board, it becomes harder to get them through some of the former methods. So now, we are aware, that people are just going to try to physically attempt to take these medicines."

For those who worry we've given away all of Remedy Drug's safety measures --- they have multiple layers of security --- and will be increasing them even more in the next few days.

Philip Way said they're just happy they were able to stop the would-be thieves.