In August, the Little Rock Police Department began regular overtime because of the increase in violent in the city as well as the shortage of officers.

Now, the department is reporting that violent crime numbers are down in the city since the overtime implementation.

Little Rock police released numbers showing that crime, while still up from last year, is not happening as often as it was just two months ago. Compared to last year; homicides, rape, and robbery numbers are down.

The department began mandatory overtime in August which is why you've likely seen more police presence, issuing more traffic citations and 138 percent more warnings. The number of shots fired calls declined by 31.9 percent.

Pastor Dwight Townsend of Longley Baptist Church in southwest Little Rock has noticed the change. He’s seen more officers patrolling and noticed a decrease in crime. He believes to continue the downward trend a collaborative effort is needed.

“It will take all of us doing our part," Townsend said. "I think the police, community leaders, pastors, business owners all doing their part."

Beginning in January, Little Rock police patrol will no longer work overtime, but they'll be put on 12 hour shifts instead. They believe they'll be back at full staff sometimes next year.