LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Little Rock School District is about to have a lot less money in its yearly budget. Due to a loss in desegregation funds, the LRSD will face a $37 million cut in revenue each year starting next school year.

Now with this major reduction in revenue, they're having to make cuts, at least $10 million worth of cuts next school year. Already with a list of possibilities, the LRSD is requesting your ideas.

“There’s been a real outreach by people saying, 'There will be tough things you have to do, please be transparent’ so we wanted to make sure everyone could see the budget outlines we've created," said Superintendent Mike Poore.

LRSD started requesting comments Monday evening. As of Tuesday evening, about 100 comments had been sent in on the districts website. There is also an option to share thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, using #LRSDlistens.

The possibilities include three to four elementary school closures, $3 million in school staffing, and nearly $2 million in health insurance. The district’s proposal would cut $15 million out of the budget. That leaves them some wiggle room as they work to meet their $10 million dollar reduction goal for next school year.

"We really need to make sure we tighten and do our staffing like we would at any school. We know what the budgets built on and you have to build your budge ton the enrollment the state gets you," said Poore.

The deadline to make a comment is this upcoming Sunday, and they hope to have some clear plans in place by the new year.

Starting Wednesday, Facilities Utilization Committee will begin looking at how facilities are used now and what changes can be made to consider which schools could close.

See the potential cuts and submit suggestions on the LRSD's website.