MALVERN, Ark. (KHTV) -- Malvern police are investigating two carjackings in one week at the Malvern city park; one Monday and one Wednesday.

The victims of Monday night’s robbery, Bethany Russenberger, and her boyfriend Landon Bake, said they're still in shock.

“We were just walking and having a good time and when we looked up the men were going across that bridge,” they said.

They said two men with bandannas wrapped around their faces, jumped out at them.

“We thought it was a joke at first, we thought it was kids just playing around,” they said.

The couple soon realized, it was no laughing matter.

“They pulled a gun and they cocked it and we gave them all of our stuff because we didn’t want to find out how serious they were,” they said.

The couple said they gave the men their wallets, phones, and car keys. They said those things can be replaced but their lives can't.

“They got in the car laughing and just drove off,” Russenberger said.

Luckily Russenberger’s car was found the next day thanks to the GPS in her car. Malvern police found her car just a few miles down the road from the park in the parking lot of the Brooks Apartment Complex. The couple said they hope the thieves stop, before someone gets seriously hurt.

“It's not worth it, it's not worth someone's life. A car is not worth someone’s life and it's not worth sitting in prison for years over,” they said.

There’s still no word on if the car in Wednesday night’s incident has been found but police did take in two suspects into custody. No police reports or names have been released yet.