NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A 22-year-old man accused of being a serial rapist arrested by North Little Rock police on Monday appeared in court this morning after being charged.

David Lee Jones Jr. has been charged in four attacks on women across North Little Rock that left much of the community in shock and fear.

He pleaded not guilty Tuesday, even after prosecutors said in court that Jones explained many details of his crimes to detectives. In each of the attacks, the women told police they thought a gun was pointed at them.

Police say his alleged spree began on March 25 when he attacked two nurses sitting in a car in the Lakewood Village parking lot. They reported that a man reached inside the cracked window and threatened them with a gun. The women quickly realized it wasn't a gun and managed to escape.

Then on April 11, another woman reported she was walking home from work when she was dragged behind North Heights Elementary School and raped.

On the day of Easter, a woman was attacked on a walking trail in North Little Rock. She also managed to escape after a man left her bleeding while trying to drag her into the woods.

Another woman then reported last Tuesday that a man was in the back seat of her car. She said he threatened her, drove her to a strange area, and raped her.

Police were able to arrest Jones after they collected bodily fluid from that woman's shirt. Sergeant Brian Dedrick told us just how much work it took to get Jones charged.

"They worked around the clock Friday, Saturday, into Sunday. There was a bunch of teamwork that went together to find this person," Dedrick said. "After we got this person arrested, then we were able to go back and say, 'We have more cases to clear.' We were able to talk to him and charge him with three other cases.”

Jones was given a $4 million bond, $1 million for each alleged attack. He's facing multiple counts of rape, aggravated robbery, terroristic threatening, assault, and kidnapping.

Jones has been assigned a public defender and will appear again on July 26.