LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The medical marijuana commission spent three hours going over details of the medical marijuana amendment. It was a packed house filled with a lot of discussion from commissioners. They discussed how they might select cultivation facilities and offered further details on dispensaries.

They are considering formulating a scoring system for cultivation facility applications based on merit. Those scoring the highest would get contracts. There is also discussion of utilizing a lottery system in the case of score ties. There was quite a bit of discussion about what other states like Hawaii and Connecticut are doing and how they selected their facilities.

They also finalized most details dealing with dispensaries. They plan to administer 32 dispensary licenses.

Dr. Carlos Ramon, one of the commissioners, said he is most concerned about the limited time they have to make big decisions. He said he hopes the legislature will give the commission a little more time.

“Give us 60 extra days. I think we’ll get a better product out, and it would be worth the wait,” said Ramon.

The commission has to get this regulatory structure in place fast, as rules regarding licenses must go into effect by March 9. After that, the commission must start accepting license applications in June, according to the new law.