LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansas is the first state in the Bible Belt to pass a law allowing medical marijuana. Now the questions are rolling in, asking how all of this will work. The Arkansas Department of Health recently started drafting rules for medical marijuana.

The department said the rules are based off the amendment that was passed. They’re still editing the rules as they go along and changes are expected. The rules will cover things from using electronic register cards to dispensaries and marijuana dosage.

“The way that the amendment was written on that Arkansans voted on is it gives qualified patients and caregivers every 14 days, 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana,” said Marisha DeCarlo with the Arkansas Department of Health.

The biggest concern most people have is how medical marijuana in the workplace will impact both employers and employees. Jennifer Chang, an associate with Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon, and Galchus said their office is getting calls asking for advice on what to put in their company handbook.

"They're seeking to shape their new substance abuse policies, their drug testing policies, their job descriptions, their handbooks, and they need some guidance some clarification,” Chang said.

The Board of Health will meet on January 28 and at that point the draft rules will be able to be voted on and hopefully all confusion will be cleared.

In the meantime, both employees and employers will have to wait to know the future of medical marijuana in Arkansas.