FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- In Faulkner County law enforcement arrested more than 20 people this past week with help from a mobile command unit.

Deputies are looking to increase their presence throughout Central Arkansas. Sheriff Deputy Adam Bledsoe said they’re using an old toy with a lot of tricks, and they’re planning to do even more.

“We can pretty much run our office from this unit which is incredible,” Bledsoe said. “We can set this up and be centrally located, and that’s helpful for many different reasons.”

The mobile command unit has multiple functions and the process to set it up takes about 30 minutes. They are able to dispatch and operate all from within the unit. This past week Bledsoe said they were able to saturate two areas within Faulkner County leading to the arrest of more than 20 people. Operators inside can conduct research, check weather updates, and even house meetings, something they relate to a home away from the office.

"The Sheriff is all about letting the citizens of this county know that we are working,” Bledsoe said.

They are working to decrease not only the crime but deputy presence. Bledsoe said newly elected Sheriff Tim Ryals is hoping this unit will help ensure Arkansans feel safer by providing extra eyes in the area.

"We want to be highly visible,” Bledsoe said. “We want people to know that we are working and so this helps with that.”

You'll be seeing more of this mobile unit around the county. Deputies look for areas with high reports of crime and set up shop there.

“It's a big billboard,” Bledsoe said. “That says we are here and we're looking."