Arkansas State Police have opened a criminal investigation after the Jacksonville Revenue Office reported more than $35,000 unaccounted for.

On October 2, an employee at the revenue office notified police that the branch manager called about a missing deposit bag. The bag contained $16,659.46 in assorted cash and $19,888.24 in checks and money orders.

The employee explained that the deposit bag was locked inside a safe on September 29 right before the revenue office closed. According to the employee, the revenue office does not have a security system and no security cameras that covered the area of the safe.

Scott Hardin with the Department of Finance and Administration said as soon as they found out about the problem they notified the victims that paid by check or money order. They advised the victims to cancel those. As for the people who paid in cash, Hardin said they are being considered "paid in full."

"We've had to cover come cancellation fees and even if you don't look at that you're still looking at $16,000 in cash and that's serious," Hardin said. "Our hope would be that the person responsible is charged appropriately."

No arrests have been made at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.