LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (September 6, 2017) -- Natural State Agronomics Inc. officially submitted its application to be a medical marijuana grower for the State of Arkansas.

Founded by Ken Shollmier of Arkansas’s Economic State Commission; Natural State Agronomics will be the largest medical marijuana company and operation in the entire Southern United States. It will have a 66 plus acre, state of the art, secured compound. Natural State Agronomics Inc. will operate one of the largest processing and manufacturing facilities in the state of Arkansas.

The existing 88,000 square foot facility will have all the latest technology, security, research, and processing capability enabling it to produce hundreds of infused medical products that will be available to the dispensaries. Natural State Agronomics Inc.’s product line will consist of medical products that range from infused water to hundreds of edible varieties.

Natural State Agronomics considers the research side of its business to be a major and key component, having been in advanced business discussions with the top Israeli research companies. Israel, with only a population of 8.5 million, is currently a leading innovator of cannabis on a global scale. While Federal Law does not allow Israeli companies the grants necessary to conduct research in the United States, Natural State Agronomics will be able to utilize the research that they have been conducting for over a decade and bring this medical research to Arkansas.

In addition to the 88,000 square foot research and processing facility, Natural State Agronomics Inc. will be introducing to the state of Arkansas its one of a kind, modern 93,000 square foot cultivation facility. This facility will utilize a never before seen “new cultivation concept” bringing the spotlight to Arkansas as the global cannabis marketplace takes notice. Natural State Agronomics has consulted with some of the most noted medical cannabis experts and master growers from around the world, and will utilize a culmination of their techniques making it truly unique in the global cannabis marketplace. The company will also be producing state of the art medical product applications and devices.

The cultivation facility plans to be showcased with its construction documented and filmed to highlight Arkansas’s skilled craftsman and workmanship as well as the new cutting edge technology utilized. Natural State Agronomics will initially employ 45 workers at their cultivation facility, along with countless ancillary jobs throughout their operation. They plan to contract with hometown vendors to utilize the local workforce as much as possible. Once Natural State Agronomics’ research and manufacturing facility is operational, it plans to quickly increase the number of job openings. Natural State Agronomics is proud that everything will be made and built in the state of Arkansas. The facility plans to directly employ over 250 workers from Arkansas.