LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- People living in the Hall High neighborhood are signing up one by one to volunteer for their neighborhood crime watch group.

Hall high neighborhood crime watch group leader, Bill Jones, said “We began with a dozen people that volunteered and tonight it appeared that there were about 20 or more.”

Sharon Delay lives in the area and said she's had enough, “We've lived here for about five years and ever since we moved in I've heard about home break-ins, car break-ins, and people wandering the neighborhood that look like they don't belong in the neighborhood.”

She said since seeing how nearby neighborhood crime watch groups helped crime go down, she's hoping for the same results in her neighborhood.


Being visible in the area is something she and Jones agree on, “if they are aware that people are walking the streets, noting unusual things, then maybe they'll think twice about a break-in.”

Jones said the group has an action plan.

“Volunteers are going to walk through the neighborhood or drive through the neighborhood at different times just to keep an eye out on developments,” Jones said.

He hopes this new group will make Hall High neighborhood a more pleasant and safe place to live, “it makes me feel really hopeful for the future of the Hall High neighborhood.”

The group will also be provided with safety vests when patrolling the streets that say "crime watch" to make themselves noticeable in the area.