LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Another new business is about to roll into downtown Little Rock and it is all part of an effort to grow and revitalize the downtown area.

The Dust Bowl is set to open this weekend, but it is not your usual bowling alley. There will also be a full service bar and karaoke room.

General Manager Rich Bielefeld said he wants this to be a place in Little Rock that people can go and have fun at night.

"I'm anxious to show Little Rock something different and spice up your downtown a little bit,” Bielefeld said. "The purpose of the Dust Bowl is to give you a retro experience and to bring something new to the nightlife downtown in Little Rock."

A lot of the furniture inside is recycled and comes from old bowling alleys that went out of business. The benches come from Kansas and the ball returners come from upstate New York.

“The lanes actually came from Prior, Oklahoma. It was actually in a place called Prior Lanes. But that’s really hard work getting those out,” Bielefeld said.

But the Dust Bowl is not the only new business in town. Right next door is a German beer hall called Fassler Hall. Construction is ongoing but it is set to open in January.

"They're going to have all taps full of German beer and their going to have German food like schnitzel sausages,” Bielefeld said.

Anderson Penix with the Downtown Little Rock Partnerships said all of the new businesses popping up in the area are great news for the city.

"I think people who want to go to these places, are recognizing that downtown is just an exciting place to build and develop,” Penix said. “I think it just brings a whole lot more people downtown and it makes this whole area even more exciting than it already was.”

Bielefeld said he hopes this new business will bring more people out of their homes and into the city.

"There's a lot of private interest that wants to see the city grow and come back. I think that happens in a lot of cities in America,” he said. “As people sprawl out to the suburbs, downtown is neglected and a lot of times it takes private interest to get these rolling again."

Dust Bowl Lanes will open sometime this month and is located at 315 East Capitol Avenue.