SHERIDAN, Ark (KTHV) -- Court records made public Tuesday shed more light on the murder of 17-year-old Austin Moody. The Sheridan teen was found shot to death in the driveway of his home on January 19.

Rusty Draper was arrested a week later for capital murder. According to the probable cause affidavit, Draper's son used to date Moody's girlfriend, and Moody had told his parents Draper had been stalking him.

Moody's mother told police about a suspicious instance where Moody experienced a flat tire. Moody's girlfriend's mother and her son also suffered flat tires around the same time and location.

"It was revealed that in December of 2016 she and her son each suffered flat tires on their respective vehicles," the affidavit reads. "Several homemade spikes were found near the neighborhood."

Police say they found similar materials that were consistent with the homemade spikes inside Draper's home while searching the property.

During questioning, police said Draper lied about going to work the morning of the murder.

"It was determined that Rusty Draper never attempted to clock in, as any such effort is recorded. It was also discovered that Draper had personally requested January 19, 2017 as a vacation day," police said.

Investigators at the State Crime Lab found Moody died of a single gunshot to the head by 38 caliber bullet. When police questioned Draper, he admitted to owning a 357/38 caliber revolver, but said that gun was missing from his car. Draper also admitted to owning a .410 gauge shotgun, but said it had been destroyed in a house fire.

At the crime scene, a .410 gauge shotgun was found near Moody's body. DNA found on the shotgun matched two DNA profiles, with the "majority contributor" of DNA belonged to Draper and the rest to his son.

Documents obtained by THV11 do not state a motive for the murder. Draper is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment on March 14.