LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When you think of Little Rock Hall High School football lately, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't winning. But with new head coach Kipchoge Vanhoose, could that narrative soon change?

When it comes to Hall the issue has never been talent. “Little Rock has always had quality athletes, regardless of the records of the past,” said Vanhoose. It's just getting those with talent, to use it on the gridiron and have the guys who wanted to be here and take it from there.

First-year head Coach Vanhoose is trying to change Hall's narrative and the first thing on his list is attendance. “He's trying to put Hall on the map and put our program up,” said senior Chaidez Sanders, a free safety and wide receiver.

The second thing Coach Vanhoose wants to tackle is consistency. “We getting better, we are more competitive, Coach Vanhoose came out here and makes sure everyone is coming to practice,” said Sanders.

He said just keep coming to practice, keep pushing yourself to go 110 percent. But, consistently coming to practice, working hard and being a team player seems easy when you're winning. But when you start to lose, it becomes more of a challenge. So, what’s third on Coach Vanhoose's list?

“When you get knocked down, get back up. That's the first step to being able to be successful. If you get knocked down, make sure that you get back up and you respond,” said Coach Vanhoose.

So far that is a check on the list as well. Hall is looking forward from winning two games last season.

“I mean when the team is just not playing so well it's really awful. We can't really do nothing about the past. So, all we can say is worrying about the season and trying to get a win,” said Sanders.

Winning is great. And for Hall, it's attainable this year with Coach Vanhoose's checklist.

“Our success this year is going to look completely different than five years from now. Our success is to make sure we're playing hard, make sure we have great character and make sure we’re taking care of what’s going on in the classroom. That success is attainable this year,” Vanhoose added.

Hall is now 1-0 for the season. The team is hoping the fruit of Vanhoose’s three boxes will get them more wins down the stretch.