Construction is almost complete along Cantrell and Interstate 430 in Little Rock. Since March, workers have been building a new on-ramp that should help with congestion. Drivers won’t have to wait much longer for it to open up. By Thanksgiving day the Arkansas Department of Transportation expects the new on-ramp to open.

"This new on ramp will allow a seamless movement from westbound Cantrell to northbound I-430 and we think it will solve a lot of problems," said Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

This construction is just one part of an even bigger project that will continue in 2019.

“This project is the first step in our total modernization of the interchange on 430, Cantrell and Rodney Parham," Straessle said.

For now, workers are getting close to the final touches of this $22.8 million project.

“There are some signal adjustments that have to be made, a little bit more paving, and then we have to tie in the ramp," Straessle said.

Once the on ramp opens, workers will have a few final steps to take before they are completely done, hopefully by the beginning of next year.