LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Newly-released court documents from a murder late last year, reveal that one of the main suspects used to work at the auto shop where the shooting took place.

A newly unsealed arrest affidavit reveals the robbery might have been the motive when Todd Sieber was killed at Hines Detail Shop in November. Witnesses told detectives that former employee Corey Williams felt that the shop still owed him money and he wanted it back.

But he couldn't carry out the robbery himself because the shop owner would recognize him. The affidavit shows Williams told someone he rode in the back of a car with Alundra Hampton and she went into the shop to steal money.

But when things didn't go as planned, Hampton ended up shooting and killing Sieber, an innocent bystander. Williams and Hampton have both pleaded not guilty to capital murder and robbery charges.