LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The city of Little Rock just rolled out a new program that will allow people to check up on police and 311 requests in their communities.

The program is called Citizen Connect and it will send you an e-mail to alert you about what is going on in your neighborhood.

"It will just make me more aware of what's happening around my neighborhood, around my house, around my kids school," Melissa Bridges, Performance and Innovation Director, said.

Users can enter any address in the city of Little Rock and the map will set a quarter mile radius around that area and it will show any recent police reports or even potholes outside a home.

"The user actually gets to set what that radius is which is a really neat part about it," Bridges said.

Creating an account is free and it sends alerts directly to your e-mail.

"You can tell it I want to get these updates on a daily basis, I want to get them on a weekly basis, I want to get them on a monthly basis," Bridges said.

The map also shows you where the closest police and fire stations are, along with resource centers.

"Knowledge is power, information is power, so I think this is going to be such a wonderful way for citizens to literally connect," Ward 4 Little Rock Director Capi Peck said. "This is the way young people get information and people my age get information, so I think it's going to be a wonderful access to the citizens of Little Rock."

The map is also accessible through a cell phone, so users can access it at any time. City officials hope this map will allow them to be more transparent with the community and help people feel a little safer.

"It's just one more proactive way that a citizen can be informed of what's happening around them," Bridges said.

The map is now available online here. Bridges said she hopes to expand the map with more data in the future.