LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) -- The Little Rock Zoo has unveiled upgrade plans that include new restrooms and guest pathways.

The upgrades include bigger and better restrooms and a smoother ride for anyone pushing a stroller. Susan Alturi, Little Rock Zoo acting-director, said the current restrooms at the entrance of the Little Rock Zoo were never intended for long-term use.

"Sometimes temporary fixes tend to be a little bit more permanent than we like," said Alturi.

Thanks to an Arkansas Outdoor Recreation Grant, a more permanent, durable structure will be built in its place. Including a recreational space off to the side, according to Alturi.

"The added play space is really important and to have to the family restroom is really important too. It will be great for nursing mothers as well."

Alturi said the walkways around the zoo will also see a big improvement.

"Some that are done with asphalt, some pathways done with rocks, some done with different kinds of concrete. Now, we're going to have one uniformed look."

A nearly half-a-million dollar grant will help guests manage steep inclines, especially those who are pushing strollers, wagons or wheelchairs. Alturi added that the new pathways will offer a more gradual incline.

"The aesthetic value of that is just going to be tremendous. It's going to look like a brand new zoo once we have all the pathways done. Alturi said the revamped pathways will give the zoo a fresh, clean look.

"We're also going to be adding some new horticulture along the pathways. Also, be an added value. Give it a more natural feel, a more nature walk."

Construction on those projects should be completed by the end of next spring.