MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) - The city of Maumelle making news once again with its continued growth. Just last week we brought you a story on how the city is expanding. Now, they're welcoming a new wellness center and permanent home for the city's senior services.

The Maumelle Center on the Lake offers programs that promote active living and lifetime learning. The grand opening was this past Friday, but it officially opened for business today.

Nicole Vogler, who manages the facility, said it’s all been a collective effort to get the center open.

“Not only does it take team, but it takes a village and a community,” she said.

She, and the city of Maumelle, are doing their best to stay in tune with what their community wants.

“We need to be able to help take care of our older adults,” Vogler explained.

The city’s focus when working on this new project was “aging and living well."

"Studies show that our nation ages about 3 percent each year into our target audience, which is 50+," she said. "We believe that about 37 percent of Maumelle is 50 [or older] right now.”

So far, Vogler has received great comments and positive feedback. The city created their senior services in 2004. Some of the members are retired, while the other half are still working.

“It’s a great place for fellowship,” said Jean Dutton who became a member of the wellness center 4 years ago after she retired.

She longed for somewhere to volunteer in the community and found it with this center. She encourages everyone to stay active and busy. The Maumelle Center on the Lake is not your typical wellness center.

"Some don't like to come because they think this is a place for older people. They don't realize we have fun,” Dutton joked.

"Everyone that comes in can’t believe it. This place is more than two times larger than the one we had,” said John Clark.

He moved to Maumelle in 2007 and looks forward to going to the center every day. He’s found socialization and has an enhanced quality of life.

"We play a lot of card games. We play canasta, we play bridge, and we play the card game pitch. We also play dominoes,” he said.

Card games, group activities, and even a workout facility.

"We have a van for people that don't drive and the membership is only $25 a year,” said Clark.

The Maumelle Center on the Lake looks forward to hosting community events such as family reunions and weddings. If you're in the market for either, add this location to your lists of considerations.

Contact the center for hours of operation and information on membership fees.