LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- You hear THV11 all the time invite you to join us online as we go deeper into stories. It's also where we interact with you, the viewer.

THV11 is proud to share an exciting new tool coming soon to THV11. It's called Megaphone TV, and it will give you a bigger platform to tell us how you feel.

THV11 cares about you and your opinion. It's so important in fact, that we're expanding the way we interact with you, taking it to a new level, and giving you an exciting new way to tell us exactly what you think.

It's a fresh way for you to get involved and interact with THV11 on topics you care about. And it's already on your mobile app and at So whether you're outside or at your computer, you can share your opinion.

This new tool not only allows THV11 to hear what you're thinking, we can share it live.

Here's how it works. From time to time THV11 will ask your opinion on a topic ranging from local issues to politics to the Razorbacks. Perhaps like ‘How would you rate the razorback's season so far?’ You would cast your vote using the mobile app or In this case you would use a star rating. You might even see a poll like ‘What do you think our strategy for Afghanistan should be?’. In this case, you would click on your preferred choice.

Your results, along with those of everyone voting, would display on your phone and at the bottom of your TV screen instantly, all in real time. THV11 will post the questions and you vote on them. It's that simple!

It will be informative, interactive and fun! So wherever you are, let your voice be heard! THV11 is excited to hear from you. Look for the first question Thursday afternoon.