LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- They're usually out fighting fires and saving lives, but now, on many mornings you can find the North Little Rock Fire Department out cycling along the River Trail. Their newly formed cycling team serves two purposes: more efficient response time to emergencies and heart health.

"We can get out into the community where fire trucks can't go," says Capt. Beau Buford. "But it also helps us stay physically fit to do our job."

The North Little Rock Fire Department's bike team has been training for nine months. It allows them to get to hard to reach places in an emergency and keeps them healthy enough to be able to endure such strenuous work. "The bell goes off and your heart rate goes from 60 to 100," says Captain John Pflasterer. "The body is going to be better prepared if they're physically fit."

In addition to getting up and biking every morning, these firefighters are eating healthier every evening.

The department joined the Fit to Live program, which brings chefs around to the stations to teach healthy eating and offer various recipes.

"We're going to have a turkey burger, some chopped up spinach, some parsley, black pepper, a little sea salt, pattied out, but we won't have the bun, we'll eat it like a hamburger steak," says Lt. Brian Poe. He's the chef at Station Two.

Many time they don't actually get to sit down and enjoy a hot meal, but they still always make the effort.

The new healthy lifestyle allows them to participate in more community events, like the Little Rock Marathon and the The Big Dam 100.