NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – North Little Rock High School football games will be seeing a lot more security at the games starting Friday.

Football fans will now have to be scanned at the gates by security guards. This comes after a shooting outside the stadium last week that left a juvenile hurt. North Little Rock Sergeant Brian Dedrick said 15 to 20 shell casings were found outside school grounds on 22nd Street near the west side parking lot of the high school.

"It's a family atmosphere at all games and we want to continue that," Dedrick said.

Dedrick said it is unclear if the incident happened on school property. However, both police and administrators are amping up security measures both inside and outside the stadium.

"This past ball game we had twelve officers that were working the game and we're going to bring in an additional five or six officers,” he said. “Probably twelve inside and another five or six outside the stadium."

Superintendent Kelly Rodgers said these extra steps are necessary to ensure everybody feels safe. Extra school staffers will be placed around the stadium, too.

"We probably got 5 to 10 additional staff. It will be trained administrators and campus security," Rodgers said.


The Central Arkansas Security was hired by the district to scan people at the gates starting Friday. There will be 13 scanning stations, with 22 security guards with hand held scanners.

“They'll be scanning purses and diaper bags and things like that they have with them," Rodgers said.

A police tower will also be added to the west parking lot where the fight broke out last week.

"That allows us to be 15 to 20 feet in the air. You can pretty much see across the parking lot," Dedrick said.

Although the added security kicks off Friday, the staffers will be at every football game until the end of the season and for seasons to come.

"I just ask the patrons to be patient with us because we want them to have fun,” Rodgers said.

Doors will open a half hour earlier, at 5 p.m., to allow for more time to screen people and for fans to get to their seats. Dedrick said the department has received several tips since the shots fired incident and are confident they will find the person who shot the gun. The juvenile that was injured was not a NLRHS student.