NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A North Little Rock man who died in a house fire is being called a hero.

Witnesses said the homeowner's boyfriend was sitting outside when he noticed the flames. That's when he rushed inside the home to rescue kids from the flames early Wednesday morning.

"He was a hero basically," said Amber Miller. “ I feel like he risked his own life."

Six months ago Amber Miller fell on hard times. That's when Gene Bingangou and his girlfriend offered Miller and her family a place to stay.

"They helped me out with a lot. I had no place to go because we had currently lost our house," she said.

Emergency officials responded to the scene just after midnight. Once on scene, they saw heavy flames coming out of the house and an air condition unit on the ground in flames directly under a window.

"Materialistic things we can get back. If I would have lost one of them, I couldn't get them back and that would have devastated me," she said.

Miller and her children were not at the home when the fire happened, but other adults went in the house to rescue two kids who were inside. Bingangou did not make it out alive.

Miller believes he was accustomed to more kids at the house. With the chaos of the fire he went back in to look for them.

"He loved my kids to death. It hurt them really bad. They cried their eyes out,” Miller said. "He likes to sing, he interacts with my kids a lot. He dances around and plays with them a lot. Likes to play little games with them."

According to a police report, firefighters believe the blaze was started from a faulty electrical cord in a window unit air conditioner.