NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Tough girls are proving tackle football isn't just for boys.

You might think the hits that come along with football are just for the boys, but two girls in North Little Rock are showing that they too, can compete in the world of tackle football.

"I felt like I could be one of those girls who help to show guys that girls can do the same thing they do," said Arabella Gay.

This will be 9-year old Gay's first year playing youth football for the North Little Rock Police Athletic League. It's a sport she's longed to play.

"To catch, throw, also be safety and to do defense, and it's been fun," said Gay.

Gay plays for the Cowboys. And on the Enforcers there's some girl power on that team, too.

"I like to play football because I like to tackle people and make them fumble and get us W's," said Syriayah Jarrett.

Jarrett has been playing since she was 5 years old. Both girls play under the guidance of former police officer and PAL Director Matt Grace.

"We knew we would have some girls who would be able to step up and play the sport and do it well and we do," said Grace.

"I don't really like people going easy on me, I would like to be tackled normally. Just like all the other boys. They think I'm cool," Gay said.

If you want to see the girls in action, their first game is August 12 at the North Little Rock High School Football Field.